Oxalis griffithii Pink Charm and Snowflake after the rains
Oxalis griffithii Pink Charm and Snowflake after the rains

Oxalis Griffithii is a 5 to 10 cm tall perennial, that is found in woody areas preferably were there is shrubs or underbrush, but can also be found on hillsides.
This species prefers moist or a bit dry conditions that are shady to partial sunny, as the flowers needs sunlight to open.

I am not completely certain what part of the world this species belongs to, at a glans trough the net, it appears to be a native of Japan, but apparently also found in Mongolia, Tibet and China.
Anyways, I love this species, just love them  ♥


Leaves; are basal, witch means the stalk grows directly from the rhizome.
The petiole - the stalk of a leaf - is 5-15 cm long, and covered with fine hair (pubescent) while the leaflet are triangular, with a nice light silvery green colour.

Flower; stalks can grow equal or longer than the leaves, bearing one slightly nodding flower.
Blooms; March to September, gives fruit from May to October

The most common Oxalis Griffithii is white with single petals and lilac veins.
A single rose coloured variety also exists namely Oxalis Griffithii f. rubriflora.
There is the white and rose coloured double form as well;
Oxalis Griffithii pink charm, and Oxalis Griffithii snowflake, 

they are in my collection, but have not bloomed yet

Rhizomes; are creeping undergrowth. Looks something between Oxalis Acetosella rhizomes and Oxalis Oregana but denser.


*Oxalis acetosella Linnaeus subsp. formosana Terao
*Oxalis acetosella subsp. griffithii (Edgeworth & J. D. Hooker) H. Hara
*Oxalis acetosella subsp. japonica (Franchet & Savatier) H. Hara
*Oxalis acetosella var. japonica (Franchet & Savatier) Makino
*Oxalis hupehensis R. Knuth
*Oxalis japonica Franchet & Savatier
*Oxalis leucolepis Diels var. griffithii (Edgeworth & J. D. Hooker) R. C. Srivastava

Woods of Japan
Woods of Japan
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