~ A

Oxalis Acetosella

Oxalis Adenophylla

Oxalis Adenophylla sp. 1

Oxalis alpina

Oxalis articulata festival

Oxalis articulata ssp. rubra crassipes

~ B

Oxalis Brasiliensis

~ C

Oxalis Chapello klon 1

Oxalis Corymbosa aureo reticulata

Oxalis Corymposa sp. from Pakistan

~ E

Oxalis enneaphylla sp. 1

Oxalis enneaphylla Minutifolia

Oxalis enneaphylla Sheffield Swan strain

Oxalis enneaphylla sp. 2

Oxalis enneaphylla hybrida

Oxalis enneaphylla rosea

Oxalis sp.

Oxalis enneaphylla Tierra del Fuego

~ F
Oxalis fontana var. rufa
syn. Oxalis stricta var. rufa

~ G
Oxalis Griffithii pink charm

Oxalis hybrid Gwen Mc Bride

~ L
Oxalis laciniata hybrida 

~ M
Oxalis hybrid Mingus

Oxalis Magellanica

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Summer Growing Oxalis A ~ N

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In this pages you will find a wide variety of summer growing
oxalis, were the majority shown here are from the 
For more ditaled photos and information, please press the link at each photo
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Oxalis Acetosella rubra

Oxalis adenophylla sp. Ny Form

Oxalis adenophylla Dark Eye

Oxalis articulata sp.

Oxalis articulata sp. from Turkey

Oxalis Corymbosa sp. New Orleans

Oxalis enneaphylla Herskinds Berit

Oxalis enneaphylla patagonica

Oxalis enneaphylla R40 6-1-97

Oxalis enneaphylla ssp. Ibari

Oxalis enneaphylla Ute

Oxalis Magellanica Nelson
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