Oxalis alpine sp.

Евгения // 01.06.20
S4astie567@gmail.com //

Я бы очень хотела купить такую кислицу! Вы такую можете продать в Россию?





Unidentified Flowering Oxalis


 ~ Need some ID`s, any suggestions are welcome.


Oxalis sp. # 1

Marie // 20.05.15

Look like an
Oxalis deppei also call Iron Cross
Kurt // 08.06.12
kurt@8800.dk //

Det er vist en ganske almindelig vulgaris :-)

Nejs side i øvrigt.


Oxalis sp. # 2

María Martínez // 01.09.14
Maria3139090@gmail.com //

Hi Monica,
You have done such a wonderful job with your website. I wish I had your discipline. Anyway, oxalis are also my pasion. I live in Colombia.
I believe the oxalis in this photo is o. latifolia. It grows wild here in Colombia, it is very invasive, and it gets lots of rust when the wheather changes from very hot and dry to rainy. I try not to let it grow because of the rust problem that once it gets it then it passes onto many other oxalis. I think now I can pretty much control the problem using fungicides. I can tell you what they are if you are interested.

Bye for now,



Oxalis sp. # 3


Oxalis # sp. 4


Oxalis triangularis sp. #5

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